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LEMURIA RISING: Ancient Advanced Civilizations Of The Moors - Scientists Find Remnants Of "Lost Continent" Off The Coast Of Africa!

February 28, 2013 – AFRICA - Scientists believe they’ve discovered the remains of a lost continent on the floor of the Indian Ocean, off Africa. The research team from Norway, South Africa, Germany and the UK identified the ancient “microcontinent” after analysing beach sands from the island of Mauritius.

They believe Mauritius was split from the larger island of Madagascar, 900 kilometres to the west, by volcanic eruptions between 61 and 84 million years ago. The beach sands were deposited by subsequent eruptions within the last nine million years.

But the analysis found a smattering of zircon grains up to 2 billion years old, suggesting the recent volcanoes had spewed out fragments of an ancient continental crust. They believe the microcontinent, which they have christened “Mauritia”, may also lie beneath Réunion Island and the Seychelles.The discovery helps explain the origin of the Seychelles, which have “long been considered a geological peculiarity”, the team reports in the journal Nature Geoscience.

“The Indian Ocean could be littered with continental fragments, but the extent of continental crust remains speculative because these fragments have been obscured by hotspot-related volcanism.” While the study involved modern techniques – including plate tectonic reconstructions and analysis of gravity and marine geophysical data – it reflects an ancient fascination with lost continents.

The story of Atlantis, which supposedly lay in the Atlantic Ocean west of Spain and Morocco, has its origins in two dialogues by the philosopher Plato in 355 BC. Rumours of new lands abounded from the 15th century, as Portuguese, Spanish and Italian navigators pushed the boundaries of the known world. “Hi-Brazil,” which reportedly lay west of Ireland and was inhabited by large black rabbits, survived on maps for centuries.

The scientists in the latest study promise a more rigorous approach. “Critical to furthering our tale of lost continents are deep drilling, acquisition of high-quality seismic refraction data … coupled with geochemistry, geochronology and plate reconstructions,” they report. - The Australian.

The records of the Ka'Ma'atic/TaMUURa (Egyptian) people and that of many others such as the Mayans in Mesoamerica , the Dogons in Africa, and the Hopis in North America, trace their lineage back to an ancient global civilization centred somewhere in the Pacific Ocean area - the mythical world of El'MUUria or Le'Muria LeMUURia or Mu or MUU or Muur or Moor.

A time when Earth had a much smaller core with just a single vast landmass or a supercontinent. As I highlighted in my previous article on electromagnetism, our Blue Planet has been dramatically altered by the pervasive stream of energy from the Sun as well as during earlier times of celestial upheavals, resulting in monumental shifts in the tectonic plates, creating catastrophic natural disasters such as earthquakes, volcanoes, storms and tsunamis. Like spirit's descent into and out of matter, energy can be transformed into matter, as well as matter into energy. As above, so below. As within, so without.

Artistic impression of Pangea/Le'Muria.
As, I have said before, the self is the condensing energy through solidification until matter is reached. So, the directed energies from the stellar object is condensed by the active motion of the plasma forces in our planet's core. Another reflection of the spiraling consciousness of spirit.

Interestingly, Mayan and Le 'Murian researcher James Churchward discovered that the aforementioned swastika symbol, originally came from the refugees of Mu, following the cataclysm that eventually separated the single crust into different continents and islands. An event or series of events that gave birth to the highly seismic zone called the Pacific "Ring of Fire" and consequently the rise of other megalithic civilizations across the globe.

Even more interesting, it is believed that El'MUUria arose from 144 feline spiritual essence or soul groups that originally came from the Sirius Star System, and once inhabited the planet Mars, long before it went through its own cosmic catastrophism. The historian Hamza Catlett has found a link between this etheric feline form, the El'MUUrians and the Muurs. He traced the word Muur back to the Greek interpretation Mauros meaning "scorched or burnt people", a surviving term for the people from the TaMUURa/Kamaur/Kamau/Kamit/Ka'Ma'at/Kemet civilization. - The COSMIC Spirit.

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