Tuesday, April 23, 2013

THE RISE OF THE MOORS: KTL Radio Presents Baba Nu Mensa - God Genes Decoded, Part 2!

April 23, 2013 - BLOG TALK RADIO -The following interview was conducted by Know The Ledge (KTL) Radio on Google's Blog Talk Radio and constitutes the second in a four-part series featuring the world renown Vodou priest and bestselling author R. A. Waldron, a.k.a. Baba Nu Mensa.

In the interview with host, Red Pill, Mensa discuss in detail the profound information featured in his three books, The God Genes Decoded - Volumes 1, 2 and 3 and the secrets of the universe revealed in the anatomy and evolution of consciousness in ancient Egyptian cosmology.

For the first time, the sacred wisdom of the ancient Egyptians is being expounded upon by a high priest of the Vodou religion who has taken it upon himself to channel numerous deities to bring as much clarity as possible to the phenomenal pyramid texts. In a world that dictates that it is our religious, social, economic and racial differences that separate us from our neighbor, R.A. Waldron exposes these long held myths by decoding the creation stories of one of the world's oldest civilizations. The conditions that plague the world seem laden with despair and it's future appears fated for demise, but R.A. Waldron reveals that our intangible notions and concepts of destiny, the universe and nature are all within our personal and collective control. The God Genes Decoded is unique in that not only is the divine science of ancient Egypt deciphered without the misleading concepts that other authors conveniently employ in their literary work, but it recommends current and practical spiritual solutions that we can apply to our daily lives. This book will lay the foundation for all students of kaballah, priests of all faiths, and those unfamiliar with the subject who are interested in achieving a clearer understanding of the universe in which we dwell. You will be amazed by the simplicity with which R.A. Waldron has decoded the buried meanings of the ancient Egyptian texts to illustrate the organic harmony between science and religion, and to also reveal the unifying qualities within man and the universe. R. A. Waldron, a.k.a. Nu Heri Mensa Ogun, is part of a family of ancient priests who trace their lineage across many of humanity's earliest civilizations; including the civilizations of the Nile Valley, the Middle East, and the Mayan and Incans.

Baba Nu Mensa - God Genes Decoded.

Click HERE to listen to Part 1.

R. A. Waldron aka Baba Nu Heri Mensa Ogun is an African Traditional Priest and Author, He has been intitiated to the highest level in three ancient African systems of spiritual enlightenment. R. A. Waldron specializes in the wisdom of The Nile Valley Civilizations of Africa. His work proves that ancient and modern Traditional African culture is based on a practical understanding of love and evolutionary metamorphosis. It is now common knowledge that all human beings can trace their lineage to the continent of Africa, what is being ignored is the wisdom of the original people of our planet. In many Instances Ancient Africans were witnesses not only to their own evolutionary developments, but to creation itself. The High Priest and Priestesses were afforded the opportunity to witness creation, and the genesis of our universe. It is in these moments that the laws governing a successful life were imparted and reinforced within the minds of the priest and priestesses of ancient Africa.

Check out Mensa's website HERE and Facebook page HERE.

Click HERE to purchase Volume I, Volume II and Volume III of the God Genes Decoded on Amazon.

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