Monday, May 5, 2014

BROTHER LEVI: Astrotheology - The Moors, Earth Changes And The Building Of The New Earth!

May 05, 2014 - ASTROTHEOLOGY & EARTH CHANGESBlack and Nobel Books presents the following lecture by Brother Levi.

In the presentation, Brother Levi, examines how monumental changes on the Earth are a Microcosmic reflection of the Macrocosm (the Heavens), by using the ancient solar science of astrotheology.

This pure science was developed by our enlightened and wise ancestors and has now become heavily veiled in the allegorical metaphysics and symbolism of the Holy Books of all religions, as well as in myths, legends, fairy tales, nursery rhymes and folklore.

Brother Levi explains what these Earth changes and astrotheology means for the human body and spirit.

WATCH: Brother Levi - Astrotheology and Building the New Earth.

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