Sunday, April 17, 2016

BLACK FILMS: Here's The First Trailer For "The Birth Of A Nation" - Nate Parker's Movie About Nat Turner's Slave Rebellion!

Promotional image for “The Birth of a Nation”

April 17, 2016 - HOLLYWOOD - “The Birth of a Nation” got rave reviews when it premiered in January at the Sundance Film Festival.

Then, it set records when Fox Searchlight’s studio paid $17.5 million for its distribution rights. Now, we have our first look at what all the buzz what as about. 

On Friday, the studio released the first trailer for writer/director/star Nate Parker’s film about Nat Turner’s 1831 slave rebellion.

The first glimpses of the film are set to Nina Simone’s cover of “Strange Fruit” and feature a montage of atrocities and indignities inflicted on the slaves of the South, before shifting to a new song — and with it, a new hope for freedom.

“The Birth of a Nation” hits theaters Oct. 7, 2016

WATCH: "The Birth of a Nation".

- Huffington Post.

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